Fall Detection

Personal Alarms Australia is your trusted partner for enhanced safety, specialising in fall detection for seniors, the elderly, lone workers, and individuals with disabilities. Our cutting-edge personal alarm features automatic fall detection, employing motion and velocity sensors to ensure rapid assistance during fall-related emergencies.

Our fall detection technology is designed to act swiftly. When a fall is detected, it triggers the alarm to send out SOS text messages and make calls to your pre-programmed contacts, all while sharing your precise GPS location. This advanced fall detection system provides unmatched peace of mind and security, offering tailored safety solutions for those who need it most.

Whether you or your loved ones are at home, out and about, or working alone, our personal alarms are there to safeguard you. At Personal Alarms Australia, we understand the importance of fall detection, and it remains our top priority. Live independently with confidence, knowing that help is just a fall detection away. Choose Personal Alarms Australia for the ultimate in personalised safety solutions.

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