What are personal alarms?

Personal alarms are known by many names such as medical alarms, alert pendants, emergency buttons or fall detection alerts. Essentially personal alarms are devices that can be worn around the neck on a lanyard like a necklace. They have an emergency SOS button that is pressed in event of a fall or other medical emergency. They usually used by the elderly or seniors, lone workers etc.


 Who should use a personal alarm?

Elderly, seniors, lone workers, remote workers, or other persons with medical conditions such that there is a possibility they may experience a fall or other emergency. By wearing our personal medical alarm as a necklace or a watch they are able to simply hold the SOS button for assistance. Or if a fall is detected their emergency contacts will automatically receive an alert.


How can I get support with setting up the device or any other issues?

Our personal alarms are very easy to set up. If you need any support, simply contact us


Is the fall detection alert included in your personal alarms?

Yes. The fall detection can be switched on or off. If the wearer experiences a fall, the personal alarm fall detection automatically sends an emergency fall alert to the three nominated contacts.


 Are there any on-going costs?

Yes. The personal alarms use a pre-paid mobile simcard. Credit with Telstra costs $30 per 6 months. Apart from this there are no on-going costs or contracts to use our personal alarms.


 Do your personal alarms come with a warranty?

Yes, all our personal medical alarms come with an Australian 12 month warranty.


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