What are personal alarms for the elderly?

Personal alarms come under many names in the Australian market. This can make things confusing for seniors or families of elderly Australians looking to purchase them.

Personal alarms for the elderly are often also called medical alarms, fall alarms, fall alerts, emergency alarms, medical pendants, medical alerts, seniors alarms, emergency watches or necklaces.

It would definitely be nice if they were all branded under common names based on the types of features they provide. This would make things easier for Australian families.

To help make things easier to understand, most of the personal alarms for the elderly on the Australia market have these 3 main features:

1. An SOS button which calls and/or texts emergency contacts.

2. A fall detection feature which automatically sends an alert to the contacts when a fall is detected.

3.A GPS component which detects the wearer's precise location at all times.

So if you are looking for a personal alarm you must ensure it has these features.

Our 3G personal alarm and 4G personal alarm for the elderly both have these 3 main features.

If you have any questions about our personal alarms please contact us.

For articles and research about elderly Australians and statistics on falls and the use of personal alarms please see our articles page.

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